Making History

Making History (Stephen Fry)

28 November 2001

Making History

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Phil Rodger (31 July 2007 14:59)

I worry about Mr Fry, mainly because there's apart of me that suspects he actually is just as clever as he thinks he is. Wonderful language, very interesting take on time travel and morality. if anyone else had attempted this it would have been a disaster, because it was Mr Fry who got there first it is in fact a work of genius.

Graham MacDonald (7 March 2003 12:22)

Stephen Fry has a wonderful way with words but what makes his work stand out is the total morality running through everything he does. Making History is based on the premise that you can't change history by going back in time and making sure Hitler is never born. You can never solve anything by murder, killing or revenge and in this case it makes the reality of what happend in Germany during the 30s and 40s even more horrific.

His most recent novel, The Stars' Tennis Balls, carries this premise even further by updating Alexander Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo but ending it in avery different way. It's wrong to kill for any reason is the very important message running through both books. Revenge is, and always will be, a very dirty business indeed.