About Us

The Glasgow Science Fiction and Fantasy book group had been meeting on the last Wednesday of the month (except December) since February 1999. The meeting takes the form of an informal chat over a coffee and generally lasts for up to an hour. After that we almost always decamp to the pub where the discussion (and the beer) flows on into the night.

We have discussed many varied books over the past few years, some that you would find purely in the Science Fiction & Fantasy section of your local bookshop and some which fall a little less into that category.

We are always open to new members. If anything on the site catches your eye and you would like to come along we are pretty easy to find. Just look for the group of people sitting around with copies of the book sitting on the table in front of them (or these days, more likely a pile of Kindles).

Books We've Done

Starting with Neuromancer in February 1999, every book we've ever discussed is listed here. Most have ratings (given to them by the book group members) and a lot have comments about them which, if you've come here looking for some good ideas as to what you should read next, will hopefully be of use to you.

Books We're Going To Do

Listed here are all the books currently scheduled to be discussed by our group. If you see anything here that you liked (or hated) or perhaps a book that you've been dying to read for ages and needed an excuse to fish out from under the huge pile of books that you've been "meaning to read for the last few months", then we'd love to see you at the group to share your opinions with us.

Roll Of Honour

The definitive list of everything we've ever discussed ordered by the average rating given to it by our members. Have a look at it and see how your favorite book fares. If this link discourages even one person from reading Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace then it will have done it's job.

I hope you like the site and if you live in Glasgow and would like to join in any of our future discussions, we'd love to see you.