Supertoys Last All Summer Long

Supertoys Last All Summer Long (Brian Aldiss)

28 March 2001

Supertoys Last All Summer Long

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Ross Hetherington (9 February 2020 13:39)

I'm only reviewing the title story, as I read this when I was maybe 12 or 14 or something, so I can't remember any of the others. It's one of the earliest sci fi short stories I can remember reading, certainly where I was kind of aware what you could do with the form and what it's about. I've got a soft spot for it. I've never understood why they wanted to make a film of it.

Phil Rodger (29 April 2003 15:43)

To get bored halfway through a short-story of this length takes some doing. This however manages it perfectly. The other stories are equally dull and poorly written.

Claire Anderson (12 March 2003 23:25)

Great ideas in this (and indeed, most of the other stories in this book), but written in a style that does nothing to engage the reader. Better than the film...